What happens next?

Decision process

After the consultation period ends on the 26th September, a Lewisham Planning Service officer (Georgia McGirney) will compile a report on the application incorporating all planning issues and valid objections.

The report will be made public and will form the basis of a delegated decision when an officer decides on behalf of the council.

If there are three or more valid objections, then the decision will be made by one of Lewisham's planning committees (a group of councillors) who will receive short presentations of a variety of views on the application and then make a decision.

If there are more than ten valid objections (we think) then a public meeting between the developer, the community and the Planning Services will be held prior to the decision by committee.

If the application is accepted then the developer can begin the project, if it is rejected, then the developer can appeal the decision. There is no appeal process if the community believes