Who are Forest Hill Folks?

We are local residents

We are local residents affected by this proposed development who are helping each other and the rest of the community to respond in the short time-frame given

The manner in which this project was announced to the community, with the minimum statutory notice of 24 days to submit comments, goes against Lewisham's statement of community involvement which says:

  • Consultation should commence early in the process to enable the community to influence decisions and to seek consensus on essential issues (wherever possible).

  • Consultation should encourage wide community involvement and participation should be relevant to people’s experiences so as to get the community interested and involved.

  • Consultation should be continuous, with opportunities for ongoing involvement.

  • Consultation should be undertaken with clear processes and well understood ground rules. Involvement should also extend beyond those who are familiar with the system, and should extend to hard-to-reach groups.


Join the community

We are looking for people to help us rapidly give a full response to the Lewisham Planning Service